Easter Prayer and Fasting Guide

Easter Sunday is almost here, and as physical preparations have been made, it is time for spiritual preparation to take place.  We can put on the best service/egg hunt in the state, but if God is not in it, life change will not happen.  It is God who touches the hearts of sinners and shows them their need for a Savior.  Would you join me during the week leading up to Easter in crying out to God on behalf of people?   Below is a Prayer & Fasting Guide Easter Week.

Prayer and Fasting Guide

Monday: Today, spend time giving praise to God for all that He’s done in the life of South Lakes Church.  Spend time praising Him for the changed lives, new families, and the blessing that He has poured out on the church. Also, pray for the overall service on Easter Sunday.  Pray that God would be glorified in every aspect of the service.  Pray that the name of Jesus would be lifted on high and that people would be drawn to Him as Savior.  Pray that hearts would be convicted by the word of God and that lives would be changed.  Pray that people would be drawn to attend South Lakes Church on that Sunday. 

Tuesday: Today, pray for your pastor, your church leadership, and the Church as a whole to feel a burden for people.  Read Romans 9:1-5 and Romans 10:1 and ask for God to give you a passion for people like Paul had for the Jews.  Pray that God would put a specific person/family on your mind that you could invite to Easter.  Pray that God would begin softening their hearts to your invitation.

Wednesday: Today, pray for SL Kids.  Pray for Shayla and Carrie as they prepare to receive a mom and dad’s most precious gift that day.  Pray that the gospel is clearly shared and that elementary kids would be receptive to the message of the cross.  Pray for all the workers that will working in SL Kids.  Pray that God would begin preparing their hearts, minds, and attitudes to receive all the children that they will be tasked with loving on. 

Thursday: Today, pray for all the families that live around the church that have received an invitation to join South Lakes for Easter.  Pray that the eggs in their yards, the signs along the roads, and Facebook posts would prompt them to come on Easter.  Pray that our church would be a lighthouse for those in our community.

Friday: Today, focus on the death of Christ on the cross for the sins of the world.  Read John 19:16-30.  Think through the implications of Christ’s actions on that day and ask Him to give you a heart of thankfulness.  Pray that God would use this day of remembrance to light a flame inside of your heart to become radically devoted to God.

Saturday: Fasting Day: If you are able to fast (give up food for the day), then fast and pray. If you are unable to fast, consider giving up one meal, a favorite item, TV, Facebook or your phone. During meal times, spend time before the throne room of God instead of at your dinner table.  Today, ask God that of the 30,000+ people that live within a 4-mile radius of our church that just 10% would wake up and come to South Lakes on Sunday.  Don’t get hung up in the numbers, let us ask for much from our God and let him be responsible for the results.  Our God is a big God, and nothing is too big for him. 

Easter Sunday: Today, pray for Easter Sunday. Pray for the Lord to speak through Joey and SL Kids leaders. Pray for the Spirit to convict, encourage, challenge and draw families to himself.