2017 Giving Challenge

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Starting this Sunday, September 10th, thru the end of November, I am challenging every person in the South Lakes Family to support the church in giving consistently out of the abundance of your heart.  In the Old Testament, God established the tithe (10%) as the giving standard for the Jewish people.  However, in the New Testament the giving principle has been flipped upside down.  Giving is no longer based on a set standard, but on the heart attitude of the giver (Acts 2:45; Matthew 26:7; Luke 21:4; II Corinthians 8:3-4).

As your pastor, it is my responsibility to lead the church to grow in full maturity (Ephesians 4:11,12), and I must confess that I have failed to challenge us as a church to support the church that Christ has called us to.  Please consider doing two things during the next 3 months:

1.     Consistently give.  Whether it is online, in the offering plate, or through texting, commit to consistently support South Lakes.

2.     Prayerfully talk about the amount that you give to support the church.  If you give $20/week, would you consider increasing it to $40?  If you give 4% of your monthly income, would you consider increasing it to 6%?  Is the Lord calling you to take a step of faith in giving?

My prayer during this three month period is that South Lakes would become self-sufficient and that God would build into your lives the discipline of giving.  It is an honor to be called your pastor, and I look forward to see what God is going to do in all of our lives during this challenge.

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