SL Students exists to connect students in grades 7th-12th to faith in Jesus and find their God-given purpose! Along the way, they will find true friendship and lasting relationships. At South Lakes Church we are committed to seeing students grow in their relationship with God. Here’s how we do that!


SL Students meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. It’s a night where they will find food, worship, games, small groups, serving opportunities, and a message geared towards them! We strive to make an environment safe and fun for students to grow in their relationship with Christ. 


Wednesday Nights - What to Expect

On the first Wednesday of each month, we gather together for musical worship before a teaching message. Allowing the students to have a time of worship is so critical for them to understand what worship really is, and to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

The second and third Wednesdays of each month we have a teaching message and end with small groups. This simply means the students break up into groups and talk among themselves and with an adult volunteer about the teaching message. 

Life can be hard and sometimes students feel like they are swimming up stream to fit in, understand, and be apart of something bigger than themselves. We allow small groups to help them come together to build stronger and deeper relationships with each other and with Christ. This allows the space for a safe environment to talk through various things. 

On the fourth Wednesday of each month, SL Students have “serving day.” This means that the group will either go somewhere in the city or serve at South Lakes Church’s campus. At South Lakes Church, we believe that serving is the best way a believer can give back and feel like they are apart of something bigger. We believe that students don’t have to wait to be the next generation’s leaders, they can be leaders now! Serving activities will vary each month, but students and parents will always be informed of what we have planned ahead of time.

We seek to provide a safe, inclusive environment on Wednesday evenings. If you have any questions or special needs to communicate, please email Tiffany Adams.